1.Website Designer

The demand for web developers has grown significantly as the digital landscape changes. The need for qualified web developers grows as companies and organisations expand and more rely on websites and web applications to establish their online presence. Websites and web applications are generally created and maintained by web developers.

The choice and flexibility to work as independent contractors or freelance web developers. They are free to select their clients, collaborate with them on projects, and set prices accordingly. Web developers can establish competitive prices because of their particular skill set.

2. Content Writer

 Writing and creating content has secured a spot among India’s top work from home careers. The desire for work is the obvious cause of this.

Businesses must provide individuals with educational, entertaining, or informative information if they want them to choose their brand. You may be quite certain that there won’t be a shortage of work from home opportunities in India. In India, a newbie can anticipate earning between 15k and 20k.

3.Social media manager or digital marketer

When it comes to the finest work from home jobs in India, this one is the most obvious. Digital marketers work to establish and grow a brand’s online presence through tasks including SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing.

Running campaigns on the platform, promoting the material, managing the posted content in whatever format, looking at analytics, and trying to increase the brand’s reach are all expected of a social media manager. In India, a novice should budget 20–40kk.

4.Website Developer

If you’re seeking for the top work from home jobs in India in 2020, you cannot afford to miss out on this. Website developers are necessary for brands to create appealing, educational, and entertaining websites.

This solely depends on your abilities and the size of the project you can secure.

It’s necessary to have a working knowledge of Photoshop, JavaScript, SEO, CSS, and HTML. Monthly salaries range from 10,000 to one million.

5.Graphic Designer

A graphic designer qualifies for the list of the greatest work from home jobs in India for the following reason. The year 2020 marks the advent of graphic marketing. Brands require engaging visuals to go along with their compelling information, whether it be in the form of their website, logos, images, or designs.

Graphic designers are specialists in this field. With an intermediate skill level, you can easily make 35k per month with no upper limit due to the field’s wide range of potential earnings. Even smaller assignments can be accepted on a freelance basis.

 Make use of social media to promote your abilities to the globe and create your authority in the industry. Invest in websites like Behance, LinkedIn, Dribbble, and Instagram.

6.Handmade Craft Business

You may always sell your crafts online and turn your hobby into a business if you enjoy making them and want to use your talent more. Crafts done by hand have recently gained popularity, particularly on social media. More people than ever before are willing to buy handmade goods for themselves and their loved ones and to support small companies. Being a hand-made craft business as a result is one of the most lucrative jobs that can be done from home.

7.Corporate Developer

Freelance business developers must be included when discussing the greatest work from home opportunities in India. The main goal of the work is to boost sales of a certain brand’s product or service.

This employment ensures that you’ll have interesting work to complete and well-paying wages if you can do that as an individual contributor. You may easily make up to $25,000 to $30,000 right away. The secret is to work with companies that value collaboration and are eager to pursue mutual success.


Since becoming a YouTuber allows you to network with people who share your interests and with whom you may achieve incredible professional advancement, it is always at the top of the list when people ask about real work from home opportunities. If you have knowledge of any subject, you can make a tutorial or video about it, monetize it, and depending on how many views you get, you can earn a lot of money from YouTube.

 Make sure that the information in your work is accurate and original.


Freelancing, which enables one to do jobs in the comfort of one’s home, is one of the best work from home jobs. Your skills allow you to earn a limitless amount of money, and you can provide your services wherever and whenever you want to do. Other freelance jobs include data input, web development, content writing, and web design, among many others.


There is nothing better for passive income, in my opinion. You must establish your own blog if you are truly interested about a certain topic, such as philosophy, gastronomy, travel, fitness, fashion, or gardening.

You can even start using Instagram for microblogging right now. You receive a pretty magnificent sum of money. Additionally, Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing are factors that increase your income.

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