Henley Private Wealth Migration Report 2023

 The data reflect the total number of Dollar millionaire who have moved to a new country  for longer than six month .

there was a steady groth trajectory until 2020,when the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the migration and tracking of millionaire on the move.

Recently commenced rapidly in 2022, and 2023 and 2024 forecast indicates  continued growth.



2013 – 51000 HNWIs migrant

2014 – 57000

2015- 64000

2016- 82000




2020-12000(covid impact)






HNIWs-High-Net-worth individuals Can be clarified according to the size of their wealth.

There are 3 types of HNWIs

  1. High-Net-worth individuals -these individuals have liquid assets at least $1 million to $5million


  1. Very High-Net-worth individuals- these individuals have liquid assets at least $5 million to $30 million


  1. Ultra-High-Net-worth individuals- these individuals have liquid assets of more than$30 million


Formal investment migration program and activity encourage foreign direct investment in return for residence right.


Which country lose highest number of HNWIs (outflow forecast)-China

Which country gain highest number of HNWIs (outflow forecast)- Australia


Forecast HNWIs outflow 2023

1.China-13500 (in 2022 10800)

2.India- 6500(7500)

3.Uk     -3200(1600)




1.Australia-5200 (Forecast )HNWIs inflow 2023-Actual in 2022 3800

2.UAE -4500(Forecast )HNWIs inflow 2023- Actual in 2022 5200

3.Singappore-3200(Forecast )HNWIs inflow 2023-Actual in 2022, 2900

4.USA- 2100 (Forecast )HNWIs inflow 2023-Actual in 2022,1500

5.Switzerland-1800 (Forecast )HNWIs inflow 2023-Actual in 2022,2200

6.canada-1600 (Forecast )HNWIs inflow 2023-Actual in 2022 , 1200

8.germany- 1200 (Forecast )HNWIs inflow 2023-Actual in 2022,1000


There are something better for India compare to last year

In 2022 HNWIs outflow was 7500 but in 2023 it will be 6500.

which country have highest number of Millionaire?

The US alone claims 25580000 million adults with a net worth above $1 million – that’s 41% of all the world’s millionaires and more than the next eight countries combined.

in this list china is at 2nd  place with 6199000 millionaires, japan at  3rd position with 3366000 millionaires, while India is at 13th position with 796000 millionaires. 

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